Friday, June 11, 2004

Why things suck......

Added more pictures to the Fragrance series. Apparently they not too good, but meh... Larger pictures here...

I just found out that individual Blogspots are blocked in China. Ahhhh,'s so beautiful!

Anyways, why things suck:

***Cellphones: Meant to be used for emergencies, now people use them most when they're bored. Carriers want market share so much that they're giving away minutes like peanuts. One of these days, they gonna be a lot bitchier about subscribers who use extra minutes just like the broadband peoples do these days.

***Xanga: Predominantly yellow. Viral marketing. No support for RSS/Atom (is there ?) UPDATE: It does, see info here.

***Internet Explorer: Text magnification doesn't work all the time. Still no popup blocker (I know Google Toolbar and others try, but do they really work?). Firefox rules.

***Women: How many times have they ditched you because "they have to go shopping" ? Who the hell *has* to go shopping? It's like us saying we *have* to eat too much, with our mouth open too.

Best regards.


Anonymous said...

yeah, I hear ya. the pop-up test thing is cool, but I can't get the firefox link to work. hehe, if you want, I can get one of those chatterboxes for my xanga so you can talk without signing in first.
the Fragrance series is pretty cool. at least you got a theme going on. although I'd like to see a series on brown women. or yellow women. or me. if I get those pictures soon, I'll send them to you. but like you said before, we all got our brown women problems...

Anonymous said...

Dude, I love how your blog has useful links to software. Now I remember why I always need a chinese (or wannabe chinese) friend around.

- Brown Beats