Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Why I'm down on Black Music

Added another entry to the Fragrance series. Larger picture here.

While we're still celebrating Black Music month, I just wanna say something about the current state of Black music. Two songs I really really liked had disheartening messages, so bad that I can't really enjoy them anymore.

Cassidy featuring Mashonda Get No Better: good beats, good video with ridiculously hot black women. But in the second verse, the young rapper tells the world he expects his women to *always* be in makeup, nails done, and look gorgeous "so [they] would look hot as a couple". What kind of message is he tryna send??? I'm not a girl, I'm still offended! Next thing you know, he writes a song about how he wants his wifeys to cook fried chicken all day every day. Oh, whoops, that's my dream.

Joe Priceless: a well-performed R&B tune about finding true love in the ghetto. After singing about how great is the woman, who probably live somewhere in poor Alabama where he grew up, then 2nd verse he takes her to the mall for a $10,000 shopping spree and another $20g for a wedding ring. Moral of story: Even ghetto women only care about the dough. Ouch! Why I'm still not in med school, I have no clue.

In contrast, in Story of the Year Anthem of Our Dying Day white dudes sing about how much they hate they ladies. Nothing really new, but instead of cussing like sailors he wishes a tide would drown the whole city, and the girl would be gasping for air the same way she'd suffocated him over the course of their relationship. Cool biblical imagery!

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Anonymous said...

haha, I want a wife that can make me fried chicken every day. That'd be awesome.
don't worry, man, you're gonna marry a brown girl. so you'll get lots of thicka chicken curry masala. and lots and lots of Indian food smell.
but then again, brown women care about the dough too. that's why they marry doctors/lawyers/pharmacists/brown men.
- you know who it is