Tuesday, August 31, 2004

NFL season about to roll

In the spirit of the upcoming football season, here's a thought:

(16:53:22) HuLkRuLeS 2k: Vikings release DT Brock Lesnar
(16:53:26) HuLkRuLeS 2k: so much for that 1st pick
(17:32:33) Dave Haber: Brock Lesnar sucks.... they should have signed the Big Show instead

And more regarding yellowness:

HuLkRuLeS 2k: i just saw the greatest thing ever, an egg with 2 yolks
HuLkRuLeS 2k: is that like twins?
HuLkRuLeS 2k: man
HuLkRuLeS 2k: all my life i've dreamed of meeting a pair of yellow twins
HuLkRuLeS 2k: this is not what i had in mind

Meanwhile, David M asks about the existence of Santa Claus here. I guess big dude has moved to Colorado.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Puerto Rico

Posted some more squirrel action shots in the Animals gallery. Click on a picture to see it full size.

On a lighter note, mad props to the woman in Boston Market who asked me yesterday: "Are you Chinese? Puerto Rican?"

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports headline: "Eagles' Kalu out for season"

Just thought that was funny :-D

Sunday, August 01, 2004

More more more

There was an Indian woman in last night's episode of Crossing Jordan. A widow of a recently dead gay doctor with AIDS, she flirted with the only brown ME in the office. She's pretty dam hot, too. I wonder what she smells like.

A recent news article focuses on the rampant information phishing on the internet. I got a few of these too. One of the emails claims to be from Paypal, asking me to confirm that I have added an authorized email (one "laptopseller@yahoo.com") to my account. Of course, I haven't, and they conveniently provided a link to my account. Blah. Don't click on these. Don't be stupid.

Update: Interested on getting smarter about this? Click here for some tips. Also try out the "IQ" test to check your knowledge. I only scored 80%, and I thought I was smart.

While we're talking about Paypal, they settled a class action lawsuit. Further discussion here.

Best movie of the summer is this, of course.