Tuesday, August 31, 2004

NFL season about to roll

In the spirit of the upcoming football season, here's a thought:

(16:53:22) HuLkRuLeS 2k: Vikings release DT Brock Lesnar
(16:53:26) HuLkRuLeS 2k: so much for that 1st pick
(17:32:33) Dave Haber: Brock Lesnar sucks.... they should have signed the Big Show instead

And more regarding yellowness:

HuLkRuLeS 2k: i just saw the greatest thing ever, an egg with 2 yolks
HuLkRuLeS 2k: is that like twins?
HuLkRuLeS 2k: man
HuLkRuLeS 2k: all my life i've dreamed of meeting a pair of yellow twins
HuLkRuLeS 2k: this is not what i had in mind

Meanwhile, David M asks about the existence of Santa Claus here. I guess big dude has moved to Colorado.

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