Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Worst song ever...

Posted one more picture in the Me, myself, moi, Mexican gallery. Click on the picture for a bigger image.

Some people have expressed pain and anger towards Hoobastank's hit single The Reason. Let me tell you this: For the absolute worst song of all time, I nominate Jennifer Lopez' Play. With this song, you get stupid melody, stupid synthesized chords, and stupid lyrics ("play that song, come on DJ play my favorite song, play it all night long") ending in a stupid cuss ("just play that motherf___ing song!"). I don't think you can get any lower than this.

Rap snippet of the day: "When it comes to sex, i'm similar to the thrilla in Manila..." (Loon featuring Mario - Down For Me)

Monday, June 28, 2004

Movies, movies, movies...


I still don't understand how automatic urinals work. I would think that the sensor detects when you leave, but they start flushing as soon as you stop peeing, even if you hang around there longer. That's brilliant!!

Movies I saw this weekend: The Terminal, where Tom Hanks got stuck in the middle of nowhere for 9 months and somehow lands himself a smokin hot stewardess. Thought-provoking, considering I've been in the middle of nowhere for 7 years and I never even saw anything like Catherine Zeta-Jones. Also saw Equilibrium, where some white dude stabs and shoots Taye Diggs with Matrix-like smoothness. Cool action movie. Also saw Timeline, where Paul Walker travels through a wormhole to 14th century war-stricken France to rescue his father. As a friend put it wisely, it's a Braveheart/Timecop mixup. You'd think my respect for Paul Walker can't get any lower after The Fast & Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious, well, it did.

Tribute to Brendan Houser in England, he asked me to spread the word:

"On Friday I had to call Indonesia. At my newspaper we're doing a special issue on the sixtieth anniversary of the World Bank and IMF, so we're getting central bankers to contribute. One of my jobs is to call all these people and get them to do stuff for us. So I called the Indonesian central bank, and I talked to this woman named Yuni. Then I had to fax her stuff, and it took three tries to get it through. And then Yuni called me back and we talked for a few minutes. The whole thing sort of reminded me of you. You should put that in your blog."

Friday, June 25, 2004

What's your ideal job?

Apparently my ideal job is a Big Game Hunter, so I guess I need to forget Computer Science. Hmmmpfh..... Hell, I can't even hold a camera steady, who'd trust me with a rifle?

Wanna see a refractive eye surgery ("Lasik") procedure? Watch it here (6MB download). Now excuse me while I barf.

Anybody knows where I can buy large picture frames/mattes for 10x15" or 16x20" photos?

Amazing free software: Audacity for Windows/Mac/Unix/Linux. Ever wish your Powerpoint presentation would play just a snippet of Kool & the Gang's "Celebration" ? Use this sound editor to chop and tailor the song to your liking.

Ashlee Simpson can't sing. Mary-Kate Olsen needs to eat something.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Indonesians in NY

"Oh oh, I'm an Indo, an illegal Indo, I'm a yellow man in New York..." (~Sting)

Anyways, here's pretty much what we did in our bimonthly visit to NYC and brown women. Click on the picture to display it larger.

First thing I learned, people in NY don't care to stop when somebody is trying to take a picture in front of the Hello Kitty store.

Playing some table hockey in ESPN Zone. Apparently the timer was broken, cuz 8 credits lasted forever.

Which is a bummer cuz I got whupped in my air hockey game, and stupid thing told us to put in more points. We was like hell no.

Brown people posing. Tall dude in the background is Shawn Bradley. I was like, "Maybe he has a game against the Knicks tonight", not knowing basketball season's way over.

Blue M&Ms dude

Most favorite thing in the world: Yu-Gi-Oh !!!

Wasim enjoying his most favorite thing ever

Voluptuous white woman in Times Square and some random brown people

Shea Stadium

Paying attention to the game

Aight I'm out, I need to set up a color/noise profile for my camera, cuz the pictures suck.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Fundamental Theory of Gender Relations

Crossing Jordan is 3rd on the Nielsen rating for the week. Hmmmmm.....

Anyways, in my neverending quest for the meaning of life, I looked and looked for the most reliable source for information on brown women. So finally I asked Jeeves why brown women smell funky, and this is the answer I got. Hmmm.... moral of the story: they smell funky because it doesn't matter for them, cuz guys still only care about boobies. Hey, while we're at it, guess what's a popular gift for HS graduates? :)

Best regards, I'll post more pictures soon.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

I need to chill out ...

Cumulus (larger image here)

Cityscape (larger image here)

Not much to say this time. But I just wanna apologize to everyone who's spoke to me this past week. I'm a real bitch. Next time, tell me to calm the hell down.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I think I love Paris Hilton...

Lotus #2 (Larger image here)

Old School (Larger image here)

Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird, and The Simple Life 2: Road Trip are out, new versions!

"I loved Louisiana. We stayed with a family on a swamp; it was, like, all muddy, but the people were so nice. I like Mississippi, too; they had a casino, and we went there."
(~~Paris Hilton)

Bunch of people ask me why I don't use Limewire, Napster, iMesh, etc etc. I don't know. Never tried them, don't care for em. For real comparisons go here.

Jealous of Google's Gmail and their free 1GB storage? These guys claim to offer the same, although seems like they're more Mac-oriented. I don't really know how bad the service is, but I'm checkin it out. Regardless, I'd probably only trust these things for spam not for serious work...

UPDATE: I signed up for an account almost a week ago, I was supposed to get an activation email, no sign of it. So much for that.....

Regarding women, I hate those who think they're better/hotter than they actually are. Unfortunately, that's all of them...
On the flipside, guys, we're no different...

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

2 Pictures + 0 Thoughts



Happy birthday to Mary-Kate & Ashley. Big ups to Paris & Nicole, their show drops soon enough...

Anyways, I'm offering no deep thoughts today. Keep in mind, however, that wherever there are brown women issues, I am deeper...than the motion...of the ocean....

Friday, June 11, 2004

Why things suck......

Added more pictures to the Fragrance series. Apparently they not too good, but meh... Larger pictures here...

I just found out that individual Blogspots are blocked in China. Ahhhh,'s so beautiful!

Anyways, why things suck:

***Cellphones: Meant to be used for emergencies, now people use them most when they're bored. Carriers want market share so much that they're giving away minutes like peanuts. One of these days, they gonna be a lot bitchier about subscribers who use extra minutes just like the broadband peoples do these days.

***Xanga: Predominantly yellow. Viral marketing. No support for RSS/Atom (is there ?) UPDATE: It does, see info here.

***Internet Explorer: Text magnification doesn't work all the time. Still no popup blocker (I know Google Toolbar and others try, but do they really work?). Firefox rules.

***Women: How many times have they ditched you because "they have to go shopping" ? Who the hell *has* to go shopping? It's like us saying we *have* to eat too much, with our mouth open too.

Best regards.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Why I'm down on Black Music

Added another entry to the Fragrance series. Larger picture here.

While we're still celebrating Black Music month, I just wanna say something about the current state of Black music. Two songs I really really liked had disheartening messages, so bad that I can't really enjoy them anymore.

Cassidy featuring Mashonda Get No Better: good beats, good video with ridiculously hot black women. But in the second verse, the young rapper tells the world he expects his women to *always* be in makeup, nails done, and look gorgeous "so [they] would look hot as a couple". What kind of message is he tryna send??? I'm not a girl, I'm still offended! Next thing you know, he writes a song about how he wants his wifeys to cook fried chicken all day every day. Oh, whoops, that's my dream.

Joe Priceless: a well-performed R&B tune about finding true love in the ghetto. After singing about how great is the woman, who probably live somewhere in poor Alabama where he grew up, then 2nd verse he takes her to the mall for a $10,000 shopping spree and another $20g for a wedding ring. Moral of story: Even ghetto women only care about the dough. Ouch! Why I'm still not in med school, I have no clue.

In contrast, in Story of the Year Anthem of Our Dying Day white dudes sing about how much they hate they ladies. Nothing really new, but instead of cussing like sailors he wishes a tide would drown the whole city, and the girl would be gasping for air the same way she'd suffocated him over the course of their relationship. Cool biblical imagery!

Monday, June 07, 2004

So young, So angry, Damn that rap music!

Posted three pictures to jumpstart my Fragrance series. Comments/suggestions appreciated, of course. Larger images on the gallery, as usual.

On a more pissy note, I *love* how random people who don't really know me at all email me and say all sorts of crap, thinking I've graduated. Here's two of them:

***Letter #1***

Hey Driya!
I hope you've recovered from Senior Week and are having a good summer!
> I didn't participate in Senior Week, I was in Boston that whole time

I’m writing because I saw that you hadn’t given to the gift drive yet, and I wanted to make sure you knew you still could....
> Boooooo. I'll give after you people figure out when I will graduate.

Ok, I hope you can help, but more importantly, I hope your time after Penn gets better and better. Take care, and keep in touch! We’re forming a committee of ’04 who want to be active alumni during this summer. The more the merrier.
> Do whatever you want, I'm not your keeper.

***Letter #2***

How are you doing? I just wanted to thank you for ...
> Okay, I appreciate your gratitude

Have a great graduation, and best of luck for the future. Thanks.
> And your ignorance, too.

Fun fun fun.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Imagestation problems...

June is Black Music month. Shoutout to Prince, Ella Fitzgerald, and that one African-American in SoulDecision.

Photographer Ruel Tafalla posted pictures from his Central Java trip. For you non-indos, that's my mom's hometown. Check it out, it's quite pretty.

I also just found out you're not supposed to flush Q-Tips. On the other hand, Tampons are okay.

The Simple Life 2: Road Trip premieres June 16 on Fox. More Paris Hilton.

On a more serious note, I know some of you use Imagestation for picture hosting. Just to give yall a heads up, check this clause in the members' agreement.

6. License Grant and Intellectual Property Rights
"…you grant ImageStation, its successors, licensees and assigns, a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty free license to use, modify, reproduce, distribute, publish, publicly perform, and publicly display your Member Content..."

Translation: Legally, some schmuck Sony editor can take your high-res picture (it’s free/unlimited, right? so might as well put everything online?), put it in some supermarket tabloid, and you may not get a nickel for it.

9. Code of Conduct
"…you agree not to post...any data...[that] displays any expression of bigotry, racism, or hatred, or is ethnically offensive, objectionable or inappropriate...defamatory, libelous, disparaging, obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, abusive, deceptive, offensive, vulgar..."

Translation: No, you can’t put up pictures that make fun of latinos!

May not be a big deal to most of yall, but to see some alternatives, read this story

Best regards

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Back here

Posted a couple of pictures from the weekend. Larger images on the website

On a lighter note, here's sacrilegious photo of the day by Martin Crespo. Excellent job.

BTW, cool (free/GPL licensed with source code) program Celestia. You can make funky-looking, high res scapes of outer space. I used it to make this ugly poster for class, but you can do better.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Gaim 0.78 is out

Gaim 0.78 (Windows/Unix AIM clone without the annoying ads, also MSN/Yahoo compatible) is out. Not sure what the new features are, but probably good things. TIP: If you use the "Bluecurve" theme, you can read people's away msgs just by hovering over their name in your buddy list. Read full story....

Click here and here for other people's pictures of the day :)

While I'm at it, big ups to Auntie Anne's Strawberry(?) Lemonade. Good stuff!