Thursday, June 24, 2004

Indonesians in NY

"Oh oh, I'm an Indo, an illegal Indo, I'm a yellow man in New York..." (~Sting)

Anyways, here's pretty much what we did in our bimonthly visit to NYC and brown women. Click on the picture to display it larger.

First thing I learned, people in NY don't care to stop when somebody is trying to take a picture in front of the Hello Kitty store.

Playing some table hockey in ESPN Zone. Apparently the timer was broken, cuz 8 credits lasted forever.

Which is a bummer cuz I got whupped in my air hockey game, and stupid thing told us to put in more points. We was like hell no.

Brown people posing. Tall dude in the background is Shawn Bradley. I was like, "Maybe he has a game against the Knicks tonight", not knowing basketball season's way over.

Blue M&Ms dude

Most favorite thing in the world: Yu-Gi-Oh !!!

Wasim enjoying his most favorite thing ever

Voluptuous white woman in Times Square and some random brown people

Shea Stadium

Paying attention to the game

Aight I'm out, I need to set up a color/noise profile for my camera, cuz the pictures suck.

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