Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apple makes phablets!

It bends!!  But only if you bench press 400 lbs!  I can only do 355 so I guess I'm in luck!

People will just live with it.  It's not like people have any choice if you are stuck in the Itunes observable universe.  The worst case situation (from Apple perspective) is, people pay full price for one of the new phones, warp it like a Pringle, bitch on the internet, switch to a samsung phone when their contract runs out, but buy the next Ipad since they already bought hundreds of $$ of junk on itunes, and continue to buy junk on itunes.  That's how walled garden ecosystems work, guys, and these guys do it best!

Monday, September 15, 2014

On gadgets

In the morning after the big Apple announcements, just want to remind you of the quotables:

"The true price of something is to be considered by dividing its cost over the hours you'll use it."

a.k.a. go cheap on things you won't use often.  More widely-known as the BPR (bulk-price ratio).