Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Indonesia Uber Alles

I wanna just say sometihng about the Duke/Apple Ipod announcement. I think many students should be smart enough to realize they can sell the damn thing on Ebay and get enough $$$ for a spankin new Palm/Pocket PC/Treo/Clie whatever, which is *much* more useful (get a memory card for it and you can play songs decently). The price for 4th generation Ipods in the second hand slightly used market will plummet. So moral of the story, if you want one of these, wait till school year rolls :)

On a lighter note, congrats to Indonesia for having the 4th highest piracy rate in the world, just behind China, Vietnam and Ukraine. Rock on!

I also like this flower I posted.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Euler smells...

Posted another picture to the peoples/portraits/animals gallery, click on it to see it large.

If you'd rather see other people's photos, check out a pretty girl and her meal, or this ambiguously interesting nature shot.

If you'd rather check out a more relevant reading, click here. You're gonna be hearin these kinds of complaints soon anyways.

Mystery yet to be solved:
I still don't know what happens when a nuclear submarine get harpooned. Radioactive sharks ?

Mystery solved: Remember in kindergarten/grade school, teachers/classmates ask you to draw these annoying pictures without repeating a line or lifting your pencil? Well, it's a documented problem in Graph Theory called Euler Tour (if you must finish at the same point as you start) and Euler Path (if you can finish anywhere). Any figure can have an Euler Tour if each vertex has even number of edges coming out of it, while Euler Path is possible if at most 2 vertices have odd number of edges coming out of them.

So in the figures above, A has Euler Tour and Path, B only has Euler Path, while C doesnt have either. Now go teach your kids.

Friday, July 09, 2004


Check out this cool digital camera review, with actual shots of Michael Schumacher from Nurburgring! What's even better, the text is in Slovenian !

If you thought you've seen all the weird things in Philadelphia, check out this capture I took in Moravian Food Court. Never thought I'd find something that offends Moslems, Christians, and the Philadelphia Eagles all at the same time.. Hmmm.....

New favorite song: Lloyd featuring Ashanti - Southside. If yall haven't heard it, it's about some kid in his teens who wants to get with Ashanti (i.e. a hot and older -- not older, more "ripe" -- black woman). What an inspiration to us all!

I think I'm lactose intolerant. God I'm also broke.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

You suckas got served ...!

Is there any causality between brown women's hairiness and their funky aroma, or is it all circumstantial?

Finally saw You Got Served. Dance moves were tizzight, but my favorite line from the movie was:
"You guys are hatin on the wrong people. You gotta hate on the whiteys!"

Ha ha

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Posted a picture in the animal portraits gallery. Click on the pic for larger size.

MSN Search is redesigned to be more Google-y. I can't really comment on how much better the search engine is, since none of MSN, Google, or AskJeeves can answer my most important question ("What are Ashlee Simpson's measurements?") as of yet;

Read this guy's name, and imagine what his jersey says.

IMing your (potential) girlies aplenty? Here's some advice for you. Or you can read this, if you're a woman or a gay.