Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Indonesia Uber Alles

I wanna just say sometihng about the Duke/Apple Ipod announcement. I think many students should be smart enough to realize they can sell the damn thing on Ebay and get enough $$$ for a spankin new Palm/Pocket PC/Treo/Clie whatever, which is *much* more useful (get a memory card for it and you can play songs decently). The price for 4th generation Ipods in the second hand slightly used market will plummet. So moral of the story, if you want one of these, wait till school year rolls :)

On a lighter note, congrats to Indonesia for having the 4th highest piracy rate in the world, just behind China, Vietnam and Ukraine. Rock on!

I also like this flower I posted.

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Princess GT said...

Yeah Indo rules! The capital of earthquake & tsunami in the solar system!