Friday, July 09, 2004


Check out this cool digital camera review, with actual shots of Michael Schumacher from Nurburgring! What's even better, the text is in Slovenian !

If you thought you've seen all the weird things in Philadelphia, check out this capture I took in Moravian Food Court. Never thought I'd find something that offends Moslems, Christians, and the Philadelphia Eagles all at the same time.. Hmmm.....

New favorite song: Lloyd featuring Ashanti - Southside. If yall haven't heard it, it's about some kid in his teens who wants to get with Ashanti (i.e. a hot and older -- not older, more "ripe" -- black woman). What an inspiration to us all!

I think I'm lactose intolerant. God I'm also broke.

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Anonymous said...

Yo foooo. Websites are not blocked in Cambodia, so I can finally see your blog.

You are an addict.

I miss KFC... and hearing English coming from some place other than my own brain.

Other than that, life is dandy.

Nick from Cambodia