Thursday, July 22, 2004

Euler smells...

Posted another picture to the peoples/portraits/animals gallery, click on it to see it large.

If you'd rather see other people's photos, check out a pretty girl and her meal, or this ambiguously interesting nature shot.

If you'd rather check out a more relevant reading, click here. You're gonna be hearin these kinds of complaints soon anyways.

Mystery yet to be solved:
I still don't know what happens when a nuclear submarine get harpooned. Radioactive sharks ?

Mystery solved: Remember in kindergarten/grade school, teachers/classmates ask you to draw these annoying pictures without repeating a line or lifting your pencil? Well, it's a documented problem in Graph Theory called Euler Tour (if you must finish at the same point as you start) and Euler Path (if you can finish anywhere). Any figure can have an Euler Tour if each vertex has even number of edges coming out of it, while Euler Path is possible if at most 2 vertices have odd number of edges coming out of them.

So in the figures above, A has Euler Tour and Path, B only has Euler Path, while C doesnt have either. Now go teach your kids.


Anonymous said...

I remember that Euler crap from Geometry. Euler came up with it to figure out if he could cross this network of bridges without making two stops at the same place. that guy was completely gay.

Big D-Unit said...

Nobody has an answer for my radioactive sharks question ?