Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Fundamental Theory of Gender Relations

Crossing Jordan is 3rd on the Nielsen rating for the week. Hmmmmm.....

Anyways, in my neverending quest for the meaning of life, I looked and looked for the most reliable source for information on brown women. So finally I asked Jeeves why brown women smell funky, and this is the answer I got. Hmmm.... moral of the story: they smell funky because it doesn't matter for them, cuz guys still only care about boobies. Hey, while we're at it, guess what's a popular gift for HS graduates? :)

Best regards, I'll post more pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you should get me a boob job for my HS graduation. or actually, just get me cologne so I can attract the ladies.
Speaking of smells, we're going to New York tomorrow. Brown women central!

Big D-Unit said...

(01:52:52) HuLkRuLeS 2k: the thing with big boobs
(01:52:55) HuLkRuLeS 2k: they dont stay firm
(01:53:01) HuLkRuLeS 2k: theyre fun to play with for a while
(01:53:03) HuLkRuLeS 2k: but then
(01:53:04) HuLkRuLeS 2k: bleh
(01:54:01) F i q u e r: hahaha, and you know this how?
(01:54:10) HuLkRuLeS 2k: extensive research
(01:54:56) F i q u e r: hands-on research?
(01:55:33) HuLkRuLeS 2k: *two* hands on