Monday, June 28, 2004

Movies, movies, movies...


I still don't understand how automatic urinals work. I would think that the sensor detects when you leave, but they start flushing as soon as you stop peeing, even if you hang around there longer. That's brilliant!!

Movies I saw this weekend: The Terminal, where Tom Hanks got stuck in the middle of nowhere for 9 months and somehow lands himself a smokin hot stewardess. Thought-provoking, considering I've been in the middle of nowhere for 7 years and I never even saw anything like Catherine Zeta-Jones. Also saw Equilibrium, where some white dude stabs and shoots Taye Diggs with Matrix-like smoothness. Cool action movie. Also saw Timeline, where Paul Walker travels through a wormhole to 14th century war-stricken France to rescue his father. As a friend put it wisely, it's a Braveheart/Timecop mixup. You'd think my respect for Paul Walker can't get any lower after The Fast & Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious, well, it did.

Tribute to Brendan Houser in England, he asked me to spread the word:

"On Friday I had to call Indonesia. At my newspaper we're doing a special issue on the sixtieth anniversary of the World Bank and IMF, so we're getting central bankers to contribute. One of my jobs is to call all these people and get them to do stuff for us. So I called the Indonesian central bank, and I talked to this woman named Yuni. Then I had to fax her stuff, and it took three tries to get it through. And then Yuni called me back and we talked for a few minutes. The whole thing sort of reminded me of you. You should put that in your blog."

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