Monday, June 07, 2004

So young, So angry, Damn that rap music!

Posted three pictures to jumpstart my Fragrance series. Comments/suggestions appreciated, of course. Larger images on the gallery, as usual.

On a more pissy note, I *love* how random people who don't really know me at all email me and say all sorts of crap, thinking I've graduated. Here's two of them:

***Letter #1***

Hey Driya!
I hope you've recovered from Senior Week and are having a good summer!
> I didn't participate in Senior Week, I was in Boston that whole time

I’m writing because I saw that you hadn’t given to the gift drive yet, and I wanted to make sure you knew you still could....
> Boooooo. I'll give after you people figure out when I will graduate.

Ok, I hope you can help, but more importantly, I hope your time after Penn gets better and better. Take care, and keep in touch! We’re forming a committee of ’04 who want to be active alumni during this summer. The more the merrier.
> Do whatever you want, I'm not your keeper.

***Letter #2***

How are you doing? I just wanted to thank you for ...
> Okay, I appreciate your gratitude

Have a great graduation, and best of luck for the future. Thanks.
> And your ignorance, too.

Fun fun fun.

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