Thursday, November 13, 2014

Congratulations ESA Rosetta-Philae

Congrats ESA Rosetta-Philae on the historic #cometlanding @ESA_Rosetta @philae2014.
Lots of science to get you where you are, and still lots more to come.
This is history being made and rewritten all over again...

I still don't know how the craft navigates; it's not like there's GPS signal in interplanetary space.  How does it know the distance to the comet (my guess: laser rangefinder?), how does telemetry work (ground telescope observation? Hubble?).  Somebody please enlighten me.

I also don't know if we could (theoretically) put a guy up there.  Would Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck puke their brains out going at 50,000 miles/hour chasing the comet?

I also wonder how they can take such detailed picture, with a 10 year old camera, in the dark of space, of an object going 40x the speed of sound.  I can't even take a good picture of kids playing soccer in bright daylight.  They must be using some special edition Go Pro or something...

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